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            LCD Serie Big Size Manual Heat Press Machine
            Use for:For MacBook computers featuring a USB-C port.
            • DESCRIPTION
            Auplex New Genaration LCD Big Size Manual Heat Press Machine 

            Specification for Heat Press Machine

            Features of this machine
            1. Famous manufacturer directly supply
            2. 100% positive feedback
            3. Teflon coated non-stick heating plate
            4. Digital controller
            5. Free silicon pad

            • New Desigh - Unique laser cutting structure, Auplex only supply.
            • Digital controller - Digitally controlled time and temperature.
            • Heating elements -Thicker heating plate with more even temp than other suppliers.
            • Tefloncoated element -  The surface is non-stick, preventing scorching of transfers.
            • Strong metal structure - Machine is heavy-duty, commercial-grade, and super stable.

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