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            5IN1 Mug Heat Press
            Use for:For MacBook computers featuring a USB-C port.
            • DESCRIPTION
            Product Application
            The Mug Heat Press Machine features digital temperature and timing controls for standard round mugs, easy pressure adjustments and a soft mesh heating element for full wraps on even inconsistent surfaces.

            Main Features
            1) Strong metal base
            2) Anti-rust & scratch-resistant 
            3) Digital temperature & time settings
            4) Automatic alarm, temperature & time cycles
            5) Easy exchangeable mug heater

            Custom Mugs
            How much more personal can you get than a custom designed Coffee (Hot Chocolate) Mug? Honor your Coaches, Volunteers, Employees, Relatives, Friends, or Yourself with a beautiful memory. To really show your appreciation let us furnish you with Coffee (Hot Chocolate) Mugs with Your Wording and a specially selected Photo, Company or Team Logo, Unique Design, or even ACTUAL signatures sublimated in FULL COLOR . All this amazing job can be done by this SUBLIMATION MUG PRESS MACHINE. 

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