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             Auplex Quarterly Meeting

            In the spring of the New Year, the firecrackers rushed together to celebrate the new year. On the first day of the first month of 2018, when all the Chinese were still in a leisure and holiday mode, 23 of the Apsulais New Army came to the m......

            Time:2019-01-31   View:154
             2019 September Heat Press Sales Promotion

            Auplex 2019 September Heat Press Sales Promotion Dear customers, Glad to inform you that we have a sales promotion for heat press in September. This model is HPC480-3, plate size 38x38cm, original price 119USD, now if you order 50pcs+, unit......

            Time:2019-08-30   View:218
             New Arrival High-End Twist Manual Rosin Press

            NEW innovation rosin tech products roller pressing machine rosin press ck machine thailand 6X12 heating Plate AP1907 . osin Heat Press Details 1) Twist design to offerbigger pressure. 3) New Digital Panel , smart look. 1. EAST TO CLEAN-Non-......

            Time:2019-10-12   View:124
             How to make rosin with Auplex Rosin Press

            How to make rosin with Auplex Rosin Press Rosin Tech is a new form of home hash production which has taken Instagram by storm due to its simplicity and the quality of product it produces. Essentially, Rosin Tech invoves using a heat press t......

            Time:2020-09-15   View:184
             Sublimation Blanks for Christmas

            Product Description Sublimation Sequin Christmas Stocking Size: 42*27cm, 67g Available color: Red Detailed Images Related Products Sublimation Christmas Ball Sequin Christmas Bag Sequin Christmas Hat......

            Time:2019-09-12   View:212
             Auplex Management Teams Outing


            Time:2018-06-06   View:104
            Auplex Business School's latest class Team Execution

            A total of more than 150 people participated......

            Time:2018-06-06   View:194
            Entrepreneurship Society Held In Auplex

            More than 50 members came to Auplex Park to learn more about the core secret behind the rapid development of Auplex and to feel the unique corporate culture of Auplex.......

            Time:2018-06-06   View:140
            The First Session Of The New Training

            Since the start of new recruiting training in 2015, the number of new recruits in this training is the largest, reaching more than 80 people. This shows that Auplex is entering the fast lane of development......

            Time:2018-06-06   View:222
            Auplex Sales Teams Win Alibaba Championship

            Hundreds of foreign trade companies in Fuzhou were divided into dozens of corps and competed in various marketing data in March. Auplex sales win numerous honors in this big PK.......

            Time:2018-06-06   View:192
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