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            New Arrival High-End Twist Manual Rosin Press
            Time:2019-10-12   View:

            NEW innovation rosin tech products roller pressing machine rosin press ck machine thailand 6X12 heating Plate AP1907


            osin Heat Press Details


            1) Twist design to offer bigger pressure.
            3) New Digital Panel , smart look.
            1. EAST TO CLEAN-Non-stick dual heating elements with teflon paint on surface. Dustproof and do not need high temperature cloth. Convenient to clean and oxidation resistant
            3. HEATING-Electric heat pipe and plate body to pouring into an organic whole for even heating
            5. CAST ALUMINUM Heating Plate, electric tube and board casting as one, heat uniform, durable
            Rosin Tech is a new form hash production which has taken instagram by storm due to its smiplicity and the quality of product it produces,Essentially, Rosin Tech involves using a heat press to combine that and pressure as an extraction method.

            15 years manufacturing experiece for heat press machine and sublimation blanks,Regardless factory size,export volume,protudct designs or styles,we are at top supplier in China.we are also supplier of Famous heat press company like Gecko,Promotion Group,Luminol,Heat Press Nation,D-nail,Pro World...e 5 year warranty for whole machine,we also have technical teams to support life-long quality support.

            1.manual heat press machine size from 9*12",15*15",16*20",16*24".

            5.sublimation blanks like sublimation mug,2D/3D phonecase,customised t shirt,rock,metal,keychain..etc.

            1.We can accept T/T, Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, L/C(As order situation) 

            3.L/C payment term we can accept. But the bank operation fee is very high. So not advise.

            <span font-size:14px;"="">Please contact us as soon as possible if you have problems on making payment.

            We are here!
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